Legacy Tree

Keep Katy Beautiful has designated the following as Legacy Trees. Recognition of Katy’s iconic, historic and outstanding trees is based on age, size, species, quality, historic association and/or landmark importance.


1.	Cottonwood

1. Cottonwood

located at Hwy Blvd. at Ave. A near the railroad tracks, nicknamed “The Hanging Tree”, is the survivor of two cottonwoods originally at that location. It was selected for its iconic value to the City of Katy, that continues to care for this tree. (2012)
2.	Green Ash

2. Green Ash

at 813 Ave. B is the City’s 4th tree to be listed on the Harris County Tree Registry because of its size & species. It stands between two of the oldest buildings in Katy, the Romack building (demolished 2016) and the old bank building. It is estimated to be 90-100 years old. Melvin Jordan is the caretaker of this green ash. (2012)
3.	Southern Magnolia

3. Southern Magnolia

at 907 Ave. D was planted by Fred & Roberta Rylander in 1951 as a seedling from the magnificent Wright family home magnolia on East Ave. Although magnolias may be trimmed and trained in other shapes, Southern tradition dictates a magnolia is a lovely lady with her long skirt skimming the ground…no trunk showing. Larry Gore is the current caretaker of this tree. (2012)
4.	Live Oak

4. Live Oak

located behind The Cottage Door at 1001 Ave. B has been added to the Harris County Tree Registry as closest in size to the largest of its species growing in Harris County. It is tended by Dr. & Mrs. Allen Walker. (2012)
5.	Stand of Live Oaks

5. Stand of Live Oaks

at 5806 Fourth Street. According to the Romack family, these 3 majestic oaks were planted in 1907 by H. E. “Ed” Romack as acorns brought to Texas from Illinois. Built in 1905, the home located on this property is one of very few heritage homes in Katy that has never been moved. Members of the Romack family played many important roles in Katy history including Justice of the Peace, Board of Trustees of Katy ISD, undertaker, City Councilman, Tax Assessor Collector, Katy Volunteer Fire Department and Katy Rotary Club. The property is presently owned by Dave and Nancy Gillespie who operate it as a special events venue called “Cottage Charm @ The Romack House.” (2014)
6.	Live Oak

6. Live Oak

at the northeast corner of Avenue B & 4th St. opposite the post office. Planted around 100 years ago, it was part of the Adam Stockdick Family backyard. This tree has grown around an old wooden fence post. The caretaker of this iconic, landmark tree is First United Methodist Church of Katy. (2013)
7.	Live Oak

7. Live Oak

at the southeast corner of East Ave. & 5th St., opposite the 1898 Morrison-Freeman home on one of Katy’s oldest streets. Dale Lawson is the caretaker of this tree. (2012)
8.	Live Oak

8. Live Oak

at Katy Elementary School, 5726 George Bush Drive is located on the property of one of Katy’s first schools. It is tended by KISD. (2012)
9.	Stand of Live Oaks

9. Stand of Live Oaks

at 5807 George Bush Drive with trees transplanted from Cypress Creek in 1954 by G. P. Nelson. Current caretakers are Johnny & Paulette Nelson. (2012)
10.	Stand of Live Oaks

10. Stand of Live Oaks

at 1315 Ave. C was planted in 1945, now carefully tended by Mrs. Betty Cardiff. (2012)
11.	Loblolly Pine

11. Loblolly Pine

at Villages of Old Katy, 1512 Ave. C is also included on the Harris County Registry and thought to be the 2nd largest loblolly pine in Harris County. With a circumference of 162”, it is estimated to be at least 100 years old. Janine Anderson is the caretaker of this magnificent old pine. (2012)
12.	Live Oak

12. Live Oak

at 1613 Heights Drive, planted in 1966 by Ed & Sue Longenbaugh. Although fairly young for a live oak, this tree is an architectural beauty, trimmed and carefully tended by the late Lydia Rod. The current caretaker is Curtis Williams. (2013)
13.	Live Oak

13. Live Oak

at Hutsell Elementary, 5360 Franz Road, is another tree tended by Katy Independent School District. (2012)
14.	Live Oak

14. Live Oak

at 1921 East Avenue, planted around 1947 when the house was built by Gene & Allene Hudgens. The caretakers of this tree are Richard & Suzanne Krolczyk. (2013)
15.	Live Oak

15. Live Oak

located East of the home at 2800 Avenue D, facing Village Green, is estimated to be around 95 years old. This tree’s caretakers are Jim & Gerilyn Stanka. (2013)
16.	Shumard Oak

16. Shumard Oak

at 2808 Ave. D is also listed on the Harris Country Tree Registry. Planted in 1960 by Cecil and Marjorie Gorden, Mrs. Gorden continues to care for this lovely tree. (2012)
17.	Live Oak

17. Live Oak

at Katy Magnolia Cemetery near the Longenbaugh family gravesite has survived since the 1940’s with no irrigation until recent years. It is under the care of Katy Magnolia Cemetery Assoc. (2012)
18.	Stand of Heritage Live Oaks

18. Stand of Heritage Live Oaks

at 1003 Carnation, planted in 1978 on the Cullen & Alice Dauchy property by Frank Udemi of Udemi’s Nursery in Pattison, Texas. Although they are the youngest trees to be recognized as Legacy Trees, they are outstanding specimens of heritage oaks, large majestic American trees that will live for centuries. Heritage oaks are the American hybrid of the Bur oak which originated in North America and the English Oak that was brought over from Europe. Dr. Dauchy said they were 4’ tall with trunks 1” in diameter at the base when first planted. When mature, Heritage Live Oaks will grow 60-80 feet tall and 40-50’ wide. The caretakers of these trees are Dr. and Mrs. Cullen Dauchy. (2014)